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the radical notion that women are people.

because there's no one way to be a woman.

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Name:b****es, "feminazis", and sj warriors.
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Community description:a community for the discussion of feminism and feminist-related topics.
about us

This is a community for the discussion of feminism/feminist-related topics.


1. DO NOT TROLL. This community will be locked and moderated to weed offenders out. Users requesting membership using new journals are encouraged to comment to this post with some kind of secondary information confirming your legitimacy.

2. FEMINISM WILL BE INTERSECTIONAL OR IT WILL BE BULLSHIT. This community is welcoming to all minorities. Do not try to make them feel unwelcome.

3. USE TRIGGER WARNINGS. If any unusual triggers crop up, we'll make a note of it, but for now just use the common-sense ones: rape, self-injury, depression, suicide ideation, abuse, homophobia, etc.

4. CENSOR YOUR SLURS. Obviously, you shouldn't be using them yourselves, but we also request that you censor any slurs from quoted text. For a list of words you may or may not have realized are slurs, see this post. Exceptions for reclaiming will be considered case-by-case.


6. BE AWARE OF YOUR PRIVILEGE. Don't mansplain, whitesplain, cissplain, or any other -splain. And if someone calls you out on it, accept it with grace. Everyone fucks up; it's what you do afterwards that really counts for you.

7. AVOID DERAILING. If people are having a discussion about issues that primarily affect women, don't ask "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?" etc. See previous comment about accepting calling out with grace.

8. DO NOT DELETE TO COVER UP YOUR SHIT. If you double-posted/whatever, leave it. If you said something offensive and want to avoid upsetting others, PM a mod for screening.

9. BE GENDER-INCLUSIVE! Avoid misgendering by use of neutral pronouns like singular they, and try to remember that not everyone possessing of a vagina is a woman.

10. Your mod is not perfect, either.

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